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Every day, without compromise - since 2005.

The Day That was born on the same day as Teddy.

Teddy’s first day was beautiful. One of those optimistic spring days when the sky is brilliantly blue and the light picks out everything to perfection. Feeling inspired by the concept and connection of that specific day, a professional framed photograph was presented to Teddy's parents, our friends.

They loved it. Their family and friends saw the picture, and word started to spread.  Initially called “My First Day”, the business took a new direction on mid-summer’s Day in 2005. That morning, we began taking photographs of the sunrise, 'the day that', and we have taken photographs in the Westcountry every day since then.

That’s what we now curate – a unique library of days. The only photographers in the UK to do this, we have every striped sunrise and dramatic dawn going back over13 years. 

Every picture is personalised with a message of your choice, to add that extra sentiment and memory of your special day.

What we've learnt over the years is that every day is different.

Every day brings its own beauty.

Which is your special day?

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The Day That



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