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Latest Collection articles


Stunning Sunrise - 21st March 2015

Our sunrise photograph of the week was taken on Saturday 21st March 2015 - when it's the right conditions like on this morning, the results are quite stunning.  If you're one…


Our latest picture to be added to our collection

This is the latest photograph to be added to our our collection and it's another photograph going all the way back to August 2008. During this time we were still trying to find new ways to take…


Little Boat, St Ives - a stunning sunrise picture

This beautiful photograph wwhich we added to our collection was taken on just the second day that Gavan had gone out with his camera to capture the sunrise. Still not used to those early summer starts,…

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Latest Baby articles


The Perfect Christening Gift

4th September Carbis Bay Beach Sunrise: 6:43am As I wandered down to the beach this morning I was thinking that It might rain, but I was wrong. I walked to the very far end of the beach and turned…


Kind Words From You Magazine Editor

People who buy our personalised baby gifts are often recommended by a family member, friend or work colleague.  Word of mouth is a huge part of our business and we were reminded…


10 of the best UK mummy blogs to follow in 2015

Whether your an expecting mum, a seasoned mum or just looking for a bit of inspiration, mummy blogs are a great place to read about daily bits and bobs for the family. Many offer a no-holds-barred…


A special Christening gift idea

It’s May the first, and for any Star Wars fans out there 'May the first be with you' For us , May 1st is something a little special as it's the date that signals the real…

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Latest Weddings articles


Best Wedding Venues in Cornwall & Devon

The South West is blessed with beautiful scenery along with many unique and spectacular wedding ceremony venues making both Cornwall and Devon very popular locations to get married.  You…


Need wedding inspiration? 10 blogs to follow in 2015

Whether you’re the bride, the groom or simply playing a part within the wedding preparation, the chances are you’ll need some help and inspiration in the lead up to the big day...and here’s…


Wedding Anniversary gift idea for William & Kate

Yesterday was the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 3rd Wedding Anniversary which is usually celebrated by giving a gift of leather. I can just hear Kate say, “I’m sorry William darling…

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Latest News articles


A big thumbs up from our customers

We've received many wonderful and moving testimonials over the last 13 years from customers and celebs alike. We love hearing that we are doing things right and have decided to share some with…


Last order dates for Christmas!

Last order dates for guaranteed Christmas delivery - Wednesday 12th December! With just under a month until Christmas there's a buzz in the air at The Day That HQ. There has been a flurry of…


10 Year Special Anniversary Pinterest Page

On June 21st we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Where on Earth does the time go!  To celebrate this milestone, we have created a special anniversary Pinterest page where you can…


Out with the old, in with the new

It’s strange how you get attached to inanimate objects, such as a car or a house, and that your attachment to them becomes so poignant when you are about to move onto bigger and better things. If…

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Latest Family articles


Mothers Day around the world

Finding a gift that expresses what it means to be a Mum is not easy and often it's the small gestures that mean so much. The cold tea and soggy toast lovingly made by a little one or the hand…


10 Celebrity Godparents

Being asked to be a godparent is a huge privilege but if you're a celebrity when it comes to selecting godparents, Mom and Dad usually turn to close friends. It makes sense then that celebri-parents…


A moving way to tell someone you love them

We recently had a customer (a grandmother) contact us and told us how she had written a rather moving message on the back of a photograph she had bought for her Granddaughter. The idea is that…

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Latest Photography articles


5000 sunrises photographed!

We hit a rather big milestone recently - The Day That have photographed 5000 dawns since we started back in 2005!  The team head out well before dawn and start capturing  the pre-dawn colours…


Sarah's Dolphins!

The team frequently see an amazing array of wildlife in the waters around the St Ives Bay area from Seals to Basking Sharks, Thresher Sharks and occasionally a curious Sunfish.  There's a rich…


Why we photograph the sunrise every morning

On the 9th of May 2005 my beautiful daughter Ella was born which obviously changed my sleep pattern. Any new parent will tell you that nothing can prepare you for the change especially if…

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