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A moving way to tell someone you love them

We recently had a customer (a grandmother) contact us and told us how she had written a rather moving message on the back of a photograph she had bought for her Granddaughter.

The idea is that the message will always be there for her Granddaughter, telling her how much she loves her.

We thought this was so lovely, we decided to share it with you.


Dear Sophie

The day you were born was such a very special day in our lives, you are our first grandchild.

The moment we met you we fell in love and to have been able to hold you in our arms and for you to look into our eyes is such a delight and wonder.

Your Grandad and I wish for you to be happy in life, be kind and loving and always think of others.

Try your best in everything you do and if things don't work out, move on.

We love you with all our hearts.

Grandad and Nana



What message would you send to a loved one that they can read forever?


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