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Best Wedding Venues in Cornwall & Devon

The South West is blessed with beautiful scenery along with many unique and spectacular wedding ceremony venues making both Cornwall and Devon very popular locations to get married. 

You can chose to say "I do" in a stately home, a woodland clearing, a medieval castle or a chic beachside hotel. 

To help give you some ideas, we've asked experienced Cornwall wedding photographers Andy Green from Harrera Images, Barney Walters, Alan Law and wedding videographer Ben Foster to each tell us their favourite five locations to shoot weddings in Cornwall and Devon.    

Harrera Images

Burgh Island 
Bigbury-on-Sea, South Devon

For me this glamorous 1930s hotel is one of the top venues for weddings in the South West. Getting married at Burgh Island is a very special experience for everyone involved. For one its certainly one of the iconic Devon landmarks, being cut off by the sea on a private island certainly backs up the uniqueness of the whole adventure, your friends and family on an island surrounded by the open sea and banked by some of south Devon’s most beautiful landscapes. 

For me as a wedding photographer everything comes together at Burgh Island when I shoot weddings there. The sun-sets behind the sea and streams over the beaches and lookout points which is perfect to take couples for some really dramatic pics. There are plenty of wide-open simple spaces which I love. The environment is bright and glowing with hues that vary all through the early morning and late evenings which I love. I’ve just said it but I will emphasis there is so much open space, its incredible, beaches, open cliffs, swimming holes, horizons everywhere you look. 

For guests it’s an amazing experience as well. It feels like a real holiday, somewhere not to forget, combined with the exceptional food, staff, rooms, location and feel it’s no where near your average Devon country house wedding experience. 


Tunnels Beaches 
Ilfracombe, Devon

Tunnels beaches is definitely on my top 5 list. An iconic venue in north Devon near Ilfracombe its a set of hand carved tunnels leading down to a Victorian era tidal swimming pool which is naturally set in the rugged cliffs and rocks of a secluded beach. The venue for the wedding ceremony is a modern, breezy outdoors space and indoor bar and restaurant space if needed. An outdoor space right in amongst some of the most rugged dramatic scenery of Devon. 

For me the venue is always changing and always different which makes it one of the most exciting spaces in Devon to get married. The coastline , tides, light is always dramatic and always changing offering new opportunities for completely different pictures every time i am there. With the ever-changing tides and light, trying to line them up is a great challenge and so much variety. The venue flows really well, from the ceremony to the speeches and pictures of confetti and couples together set in amongst the space and air of the north coast. 

A great thing at tunnels is you can get married any day, it’s so popular that this is a great option. They really know how to do weddings there, its perfectly executed with amazing food normally served on a BBQ style buffet. Fish, meat salads, really compliment the location. A great place for a party that is totally unique in the Devon and Cornwall area. 

Polhawn Fort 
Torpoint, Cornwall

Polhawn Fort is certainly one of the most tucked away romantic venues in the South West. Set into a cliff its in one of the most remote places in cornwall out on the Rame Peninsula. With this remoteness brings with it a romanticness that is difficult to compare. I think one of the reasons it brings  a romantic feel is that you and your loved ones basically move in and take it over for he whole weekend, not just the wedding day. You are left to your own devices to relax and be with your favourite people on the most special of days. Being there by yourselves (and caterers for the wedding day meal ) really adds to the holiday feel for everyone that goes, the guests and the couples really feel like they have escaped the real world for a few days in the most lovely of spots. 

I  love the darkness of the low light spaces inside the venue and the openness of the surrounding beaches. I love the dramatic light that the low light stoney building gives in the daytime and the glow of candles as the night time is revealed. The close space for eating and dancing is perfect for friends and family to get together, laugh, drink, eat and party. The inside is a red brick space that combines with the candles to create a beautiful, interesting, intimate lightening environment. The bedrooms especially for the couple to get ready have a really dramatic, timeless look which perfectly suits my low light, dramatic, simple and art based style. 

Deer Park hotel  
Honiton, Devon

The Deer Park Hotel in east Devon near Honiton is certainly one of my favorites in Devon :) Down a mile of drive way you come to a beautiful Geogian House dating back to 1755. It’s a bright stylish boutique hotel in the middle of a stunning manicured and wild grounds. The rooms are dramatic and ooze a fashiony backdrop for really stylish preparation pics. The whole place is exclusive use for weddings. There are so many opportunities for pictures together, I think this is the main reason I love the venue, it has so much potential for my style of art based clean, roomy simple dramatic pictures. 

For anyone visiting it’s an escape for the day in the nicest possible way. The ceremony can be outside or in and the settings are some of the most romantic and intimate in the whole of the South West. Getting married at the Deer Park hotel is a joy for me to photograph, so much variety and style. So many places and so many options :)

Bovey Castle 
Dartmoor National Park, North Bovey, Devon

Certainly one of the most luxurious places in all the South West, in Devon and Cornwall, is Bovey Castle near Dartmoor. A beautiful hotel on the edge of Dartmoor. It’s an amazing venue and certainly one of the most memorable in the whole area. The service and scenery is a massive part of the experience of visiting this venue. Some of the best chefs and staff with this very private location combine for a very high end , luxurious venue. The ball rooms and bars make for an amazing party and the surrounding areas of Dartmoor are so close it offers loads of opportunities for the right couples that want to get something totally different with their wedding pictures. 

I love the combination of the fashiony and dramatic building the hotel provides, the luxury of the reception, the wildness of the area. Its a really amazing place and in any weather or time of year it provides a stunning combination of factors that lead to an amazing opportunity for a set of pictures.

Barney Walters

Lusty Glaze Beach
Newquay, cornwall

Lusty Glaze Beach in the centre of Newquay is a custom made beach wedding venue that offers superb access to the beach, and out of season its almost your own! The best bit is you can actually get married with a view of the sea and no more than 10 meters off the beach itself. Its a really cool venue with a clear seaside vibe, accommodation on site and whilst there are a few stairs to reach the beach/bar/restaurant and on site accommodation, this actually can work in your favour as its more secluded, despite being within Newquay and walking distance from the town. From a photographic point of view the North Coast scenery is Cornwall at its best and the sun sets on the Horizon. 


Trevenna Barns  
Liskeard, CORNWALL

Trevenna is a countryside Cornish venue on the outskirts of Bodmin Moor. Despite being minutes off the A30 and A38, its hugely secluded in the middle of nowhere and within minutes of Colliford Lake. On site you have great views across the valley, surrounded by nature and the venue has several options for inside and outside ceremonies year round. The food is delicious and staff always very friendly. Top of my list why its such a great wedding venue is the ability to sleep lots of guests on site, a nearby church in the village of St Neot, its proximity to Colliford and some extraordinary views with 3-4 minutes drive. And its exclusive on your wedding day. 


Prussia Cove 

Prussia Cove is located near the village of Rosudegon between Helston & Penzance near the very tip of Cornwall. It’s far from the easiest place to reach, but when you do its all year stunning and dramatic. The main house and external cottages make the venue a great seaside retreat in private. Locals know the spot for some secluded coves and hassle free summer bathing, as well a great spot for snorkeling and exploring the water as the cliffs cut out into the sea. The house itself is licensed for ceremonies and towards the cliffs edge there is space for a marquee for larger weddings. I love documenting wedding weekends here and its the perfect spot for a seaside retreat. 


Beacon Crag
Porthleven, CORNWALL

Beacon Crag is a house situation on a cliffs edge just a few hundred meters west around the corner from the seaside town of Porthleven. The grounds around the house have room to accommodate almost any size wedding in a DIY style. I photographed a wedding in the summer just passed where the couple had put up a large marquee overlooking the cliffs and sea on what turned out to be a glorious Cornish day. This spot high on the cliffs is a proper Cornish spot. 


THE ORANGERY, Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park

Located just inside Cornwall with views across the Tamar to Devon, Mount Edgecumbe estate is well known as a summer going spot and the house itself can accommodate wedding parties. However the more secluded and closer to the river spot of The Orangery is well worth a visit and your taste buds will love you for it. The Orangery looks out onto its own gardens within the estate and just a 2 minutes walk would put you in the river Tamar.


Alan Law

Eden Project 
Bodelva, Cornwall

There’s nowhere else really in the world (that I know of!) where you can have an outside-wedding, inside! Unique and awesome.

Lusty Glaze Beach
Newquay, cornwall

With their very own beach and sunset, Lusty offers something magical. A very cool venue, run by a grand team.

Bedruthan Steps 
Mawgan Porth, CORNWALL

The hotel is nice, but what’s even nicer is they have this amazing cliff-top scenery just a 5 minute drive from them.

Maker Heights 

An outside ceremony with an amazing coastal view? Yes please!

Polhawn Fort

Voted as one of the top 10 wedding venues in the UK, you get your very own beach, and sometimes – just sometimes – light like this.

Ben Foster



As you drive along the beautiful coastal road of the Rame peninsula, you’ll notice Polhawn fort etched into the cliff face. It was originally a Napoleonic Fort, now converted into a wedding venue; yet when I say converted, they certainly haven’t removed any of that rustic charm. In fact, it remains pretty much untouched. Polhawn benefits from breath taking Cornish coastal views which in the summer are enjoyed from it’s gardens where couples usually have their drinks reception. From a filming perspective, Polhawn keeps me on my toes; bright summer exteriors combined with dark candle lit interiors – it’s actually a bit of a nightmare, but when you get it right it makes for footage that is mystical and unique.


Shilstone House
Modbury, Devon

Now I’m a little bit biased as Shilstone is relatively close to my home. Most of the weddings I shoot are in the south east, so there is nothing better than finishing a 12 hour day of filming and only having to drive 30 minutes. Bliss. Back to Shilstone. It’s a picture perfect Georgian country house set amongst the gently undulating hills of South Devon. The main thing I like about this venue is that, unlike a lot of these country house wedding set-ups, of which there are a plethora of, couples and their friends and family do have access to the house and it’s beautiful Georgian interiors for the drinks reception, not just the grounds/marquee.

Lusty Glaze
Newquay, Cornwall

Navigating the 137 steps down to Lusty Glaze, on the north Cornwall coast, is certainly worth the effort. There isn’t actually much to the venue itself, it’s sort of a big beach hut, but that’s besides the point, because as Phil Spencer would say, Location, Location, Location. Nestled in at the bottom of the cliff, Lusty glaze enjoys the most gorgeous views of the golden sands beach and being a north coast beach, the summer sunset is divine. The location sets the vibe of the wedding, so if the beachy relaxed feel is what you’re after, then this is the venue.


Colehayes Park
Haytor, Devon

The thing I love about Colehayes is that it’s like the owners chuck the couple the keys to place, giving them ownership of the Georgian mansion for as long as they wish. No staff, no starchiness. A true DIY venue.  This has always reflected in the vibe of the day, and in turn the essence of the wedding film. It keeps its 1600’s untouched charm, so feels like your capturing a period drama when all of the guests are dressed to the hills, dimly lit by the flicker of candle light.


Lantallack Farm

Truly my favourite wedding venue in Devon & Cornwall. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes Lantallack such a mystically beautiful place to get married; it could be the ‘Lantallack Light’ as I now call it, maybe the idyllic setting in the valley, or maybe it’s the warm and friendly owners, Nicki, Andrew & Lucy. Lantallack has it all, and each of the 5 or so weddings I have filmed there reflects the locations beauty and specialness! 


We hope these amazing wedding venues in Cornwall and Devon have given you some inspiration to help you plan your big day and decide where you are going to get married. We also write a blog post on 10 wedding blogs to follow in 2015 if you happen to need any more wedding inspiration. 

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