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500000 Pictures!

We're hitting a rather big milestone in March this year - 500,000 dawn photographs will have been taken by the team over the last 13 years!

The team head out well before dawn and start capturing whatever they can - this may be the lovely pre-dawn glow, or long exposure photos of the waves swirling around before the light becomes too strong.

They keep photographing for about an hour adapting to the conditions as they evolve. They never know if the first picture they take or the last one, or something in the middle will be the best. They usually collect roughly 100 pictures per morning.

These are then downloaded and short-listed down into the best 8-10 pictures. All pictures are checked for dust spots or sand or water droplets that may have made it onto the lens, and exposures gently corrected to ensure the best print quality. These are then uploaded to the website for you to buy.

When an order is placed these are then handmade to exacting standards and carefully packaged and posted out to you.

It's incredible to think that we're approaching the half million mark, and just wanted to say thank you to all our lovely and loyal customers who keep coming back. 

Remember it's not always easy being a TDT photographer...




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