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5000 sunrises photographed!

We hit a rather big milestone recently - The Day That have photographed 5000 dawns since we started back in 2005! 

The team head out well before dawn and start capturing  the pre-dawn colours and sun rising over the Cornish coastline. Not every day is sunny but the talented team work their magic to produce stunning works of art regardless of the conditions. This may be the lovely pre-dawn glow, or long exposure photos of the waves swirling around before the light becomes too strong. The photos are then printed, framed and personalised using the finest materials creating a memory of your special day that will last a lifetime. 

Some wonderful stats and stories have been accumulated over the years which we've decided to share as an infographic, along with some amusing stories from the team... often revolving around skinny dippers! 

A huge thank you goes out to all our customers for your wonderful support over the years... we love hearing your stories, so please do continue to share them with us.

Find out what we've seen along the way below: 

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