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Little Boat, St Ives - a stunning sunrise picture

This beautiful photograph wwhich we added to our collection was taken on just the second day that Gavan had gone out with his camera to capture the sunrise.

Still not used to those early summer starts, in his notes he wrote that it felt like the middle of the night, which, being at 3:20am, it most certainly was.

The other photographs from this date show an amazing sky with very unusual low cloud formations and a gaggle of small fishing boats.

In Little Boat, St Ives, Gavan has framed the small boat in the middle of the photograph and underneath a vibrant orange sky that appears to be hovering over the sea.


You can quite clearly see the fisherman standing in the back of the little fishing boat which is outlined against the grey sea, a direct contrast to the beautiful sky.

We have decided to put this in the collection as it is a beautiful dawn that reflects the start of the business, a new beginning in itself.


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