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Our latest picture to be added to our collection

This is the latest photograph to be added to our our collection and it's another photograph going all the way back to August 2008. During this time we were still trying to find new ways to take photographs when the weather was challenging, especially in the rain. Chris decided to head to the back of the Island and took this wonderful image, here are his notes...


It was high tide so I decided to go down to the rocks at the back of the Island. I don't go to this location that often, but when it's the right conditions like this morning's the results are quite stunning.

I love the way the movement in the sea has been captured. A few patches of clear sky was trying to push through, so I finished off the mornings shoot from the top of the Island.

The bonus for me this morning was that a pod of dolphins where playing right in front of me.


We have printed this picture on many occasions and used it at many exhibitions and the response is always the same, people love it and often say they prefer it to the brighter more colourful mornings.

It’s one of our favorites’ and shows the amazing skill that our photographs have taking such beautiful photographs in difficult conditions.


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