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The Day That - FAQs
The Day That - FAQs


Your common questions answered. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact us


1. Where are the photographs taken?

The photos are taken from various points around the dramatic coastlines of South West England; most are taken in West Cornwall.


2. When are the photographs taken?

We aim to capture all sunrises at dawn as we feel this makes for the most beautiful picture. When light or visibility is very poor the photographer may take the photo later in the day to get the best possible image. All photo times and personal notes are detailed in our gallery.


3. What size photographs are available?

You can choose from four sizes: Small, Classic, Gallery and Exhibition.


4. What frames are available?

We use Neilsen frames and Border frames. Both have a reputation for producing high quality, attractive and sturdy frames. You can choose from a variety of frame sizes, materials and finishes during the ordering process. View our range of special gifts here


5. Why are some photographs black and white?

Our photographers use their artistic judgement to pick the most beautiful photo from each day, due to certain lighting conditions it is often the case that a black and white photo is the best option.


6. How can I be certain a photograph was genuinely taken on my specific day?

Each photograph has a source file containing embedded metadata, which cannot be erased or altered. This is equivalent to the photograph’d DNA and proves the date and time of capture.


7. Can I personalise the handwritten note below the photograph?

Of course! We encourage you to personalise your gift as much as possible. When you order your chosen photo you will be given an option to change the default wording to the wording of your choice (up to 50 characters).


8. Do you have photographs from before 21st June 2005?

Unfortunately our library only extends back to that date. We apologise if the special date you require is before then.


9. Why is there no photograph for my chosen date?

It’s rare, but unfortunate, that in some circumstances our photographers are unable to take a suitable photograph for a specific day. We aim to have the range as complete as possible and apologise if your special day isn’t featured, but we would prefer not to compromise on the quality or integrity of our selection with poor images or photos from a different date.


10. What is the print quality of the photographs?

All photos are printed on pH neutral archival paper using an Epson UltraChromeTM Ink System. This produces a professional archival quality print standard.


11. Are the photographs manipulated?

No, there is no manipulation. The picture you see in the collection is the exact photograph taken on that day. Some slight adjustments to colour balance, saturation and contrast may be made to create the best possible finish.


12. What is your returns policy?

In the unlikely event your photograph or frame is damaged in transit please contact us immediately. We will arrange for the damaged goods to be returned and a replacement sent to you at no cost. As all photographs are personalised we regret that we are unable to accept returns. Before ordering please carefully view the enlarged embossed version of your chosen image to check you are happy with your photograph.


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